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And Michael and Caroline search for flaws in Raj and Freddie's 'perfect' relationship. In Cornwall, artistic couple Zaya and Damian serve an aspirational modern British menu, but there's competition; can Cornish songs, Jon in a skirt and impromptu graffiti take the prize? But there are a few mistakes, which Nicole and Nathan are keen to point out. And one contestant puts his foot in it with his own fiance. Newlywed am-dram lovers Mel and Richard raise the curtain for this competition in Belfast. Day two sees hopeless romantics Matt and Jay serving up a traditional Russian feast, but eyebrows are raised when shop bought items are thrown into mix, while Matt's boy band days provokes huge intrigue from their guests. South Wales: South African born Nigel, and his Welsh wife Nikki, kick off with dishes from Nigel's homeland, but self-confessed fine-diners Simon and Darren prove tough to impress. But the starter doesn't impress Rosie and her partner Sam who compare it to cutting into vomit! In Wiltshire, Andrew and David host a ritzy affair, but Andrew's celebrity name-dropping fails to impress, and David gets a horrified reaction to his collection of Victorian hair clippings. Finally it's Jane and John's chance to entertain with their version of a classic menu. The evening ends on a high, as Dave and Sarah turn their galley kitchen into the 'world's smallest rock club', complete with decks, smoke machine, and flashing lights. With the food not universally loved, will that be enough to keep them in the running? Their first guests are newlyweds Sam and Emma, followed by dinner party enthusiasts Alex and Richard. In Plymouth, Michelle and Sean get the week off to a stylish start with their classical evening. Some of the guests are left shocked when Kevin serves up black pudding, even though his wife is a pescatarian! In Swansea, married couple Leanne and Senol kick off with a feast of Turkish food, which hits the spot for Paul and Verity - but Catrin and Josh dislike the hosts' meaty main course, In east Kent, dinner party veterans Mike and Helenor kick off with a sophisticated menu including wild garlic from the local churchyard and a risky bonus ingredient of sweetbread. Finally, it's Jemma and Darren's chance to impress, and while Darren takes the lead in the kitchen, Jemma is the glamorous assistant who doesn't appear to actually assist! Having had enough of her wittering on, Charlene confronts Mandi around the table and Stephen shares his first impression of meeting Judith and Charlene, while Judith treats everyone to her 'Beautiful Swan' song. However it's not just the food that does the talking tonight. Young competitive couple Stephen and Lucy are less than impressed with the lack of cooking, and transgender couple Judith and Charlene are disappointed when the salt-baked sea bass takes so long to serve. In Stoke-on-Trent, Rob and Rich are out to impress. In Essex, Mark and Diane bring a taste of their Mediterranean travels to their menu - by way of their very own garden, and encourage their guests to sing with them, to mixed review. Three couples from south Wales compete to host the best dinner party and win the 1,000 prize, beginning with beautician Rachael and her partner Nick, who prepare a selection of dishes they've never made before. But Liverpudlians Nycola and Andy begin to tire of Emma's energy. Taking up the culinary gauntlet in the East Midlands are partners Kev and Chelsey, Jayne and Ricky, and straight-talking Louise and Mark. They are joined by Jake and Desiree, and Daisy and Will. Will the partners team up to win, or will the wine and conversation expose the cracks in their relationships? Sue and Shaun kick things off in Bournemouth with a Mediterranean menu but one guest proves difficult to impress. Their simple salad starter and French-inspired chicken leave Kevin thinking the grand is his for the taking. Partners Hannah and Fiona kick off the competition with a Moroccan themed menu. In South Wales, first time hosts fiancs Marc and Dan win over their guests with Marc's nana's egg sauce, passed down through generations, but can they grab the grand? And will everyone appreciate Mike and Stef's school dinner throwback? Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. Is his confidence justified or will someone else scoop the cash? Their love of all things musical and dance sends dog food entrepreneur Dylan into a cold sweat, but little does he know that the entertainment Brian and Mandie have in store will get him shaking his booty. On day three it's Philippe's chance to show the Brits how it should be done as he bosses wife Trish around the kitchen. They are joined by sprightly couple Shannon and Max, and loved-up partners Charlotte and Russ. In Birmingham, super competitive Corinne and her partner Dal are the first to host, and they think they have the competition - Jack and girlfriend Georgie, and James and Adele - licked. Harry and Charlotte assume the menu will be from the Soviet Bloc and are not looking forward to it, while Nick and Dinara are certain none of the group will have tasted their food before - let alone be able to pronounce it. But professional footballer Gary seems to prefer bickering with Linda, his wife of nine years, to being lovey-dovey. But married couples Linda and Dave and Chris and Ewelina are distinctly less than impressed with her lack of home cooking. In Aberdeen, aspiring singer Lek and footballer boyfriend Josh's Asian/West Indian fusion food competes with Ange and Davie's kangaroo curry and Jennifer and Jason's travel-inspired menu. Finally, it's Sharon and Simon's chance to show the others how it should be done. Everyone is impressed when the evening takes a musical turn as the guests discover Ben's former career, but will the food be as exciting? They all have their own unique styles of cooking and entertaining, but they're all determined to impress, because at the end of each evening, the guests will give their host a mark out of ten. Day two sees local girl Michelle and her southerner wife Charlotte put on an Asian themed evening. In this episode from Manchester, outspoken Raf and his partner Kevin are first up with their healthy menu (healthy minus the chocolate cake for dessert that is). In Cumbria, Sarka and Paul's massive Czech portions defeat almost all of the other guests, there's a musical extravaganza, and a menu that takes a tour of Europe. Stars Dave Lamb Holly Blake Joanne See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist Photos Add photo Top cast Dave Lamb Self - Narrator But with potato rivalry, a disappointing dessert and Carl's jokes in full effect, have the newbies bitten off more than they can chew? Their tactics seem to go down well as the smaller portions prove a hit, but it's Gemma's love for burlesque that grabs most attention. Couples Come Dine With Me (Tuesday December 15, 2015) Come Dine With Me Takip et Series 03 | Episode 17 | Manchester Hard-to-please Gillian and long-suffering husband Steve kick things off with a simple menu delivered with an emphasis on presentation. Gurvinder and Tina are impressed by Rick's connection to royalty, but Marc and Lou feel like they're back at school. Can an MC competition save the day? Finally, it's the turn of Sabbi and Ashley to host with an Indo-Caribbean fusion they think is destined to win them the 1000. There's a big shock in store for Will and Judy when Jess reveals a tattoo of their names on her arm but all is not what it seems, and when Jess takes something off at the table will it be all over for the lively duo? In the West Country, handyman Sam and his wife Kate, festival lovers Aron and Kath, and Colin and Kate compete in a week featuring disastrous dishes and a peculiar pantomime performance. Halloumi in an onion bhaji and chocolate in a samosa anyone? Sadly for them, music-loving Dennis and Tina are less than impressed. In and around Newcastle, will married couple Rosalind and Roy's refined evening impress bar-owner Skev and his younger girlfriend Kayleigh, or thespian partners Paul and Vanessa? But who is 'Bear'? The group is less than impressed with their hosts' celebrity connections, things get heated when Sam gives Ange a dose of her own medicine, and a musical interlude fails to hit all the right notes. Awkward moments continue when Luke discovers a hair in his starter. A trio of couples try to outdo each other in Aberdeen, coming up with an Ibizan fiesta, an evening of posh nosh and dinner party classics and a vegetarian-influenced menu. Rugby fan Andy and dental nurse Holly kick off in Yorkshire with a Mexican fiesta - but with a few blunders in the kitchen. The third couple are Lehandra and Joe, who have only been dating for five months, and have never thrown a dinner party together before. With the food going down a storm with most of their guests, they come up a little short on the hosting. With it becoming clear that there are three nights of lamb in store, how will the guests cope? The dining show heads to the Sussex coast, where childhood sweethearts Jemma and James kick off with a menu based on their unlikely romance. Finally it's the turn of teacher Bonita and ex-soldier Tony to host. A new gadget sees the couple spiralise a courgette for the first time and they create the week's second entirely vegetarian menu. Super competitive husband and wife Kenny and Lisa kick things off with a meal that they think is restaurant quality - no less. On night two, Maggie and Rick turn the clock back 500 years with a Tudor evening featuring a menu of wild boar pt and beef cheeks. In Plymouth, beauty therapist Christine and fianc Kevin surprise their guests with a menu even Christine herself isn't sure of. This episode comes from Liverpool, where Essex-born Emma and her husband Mark kick off the competition with their take on the ultimate Mexican fiesta. Dinner Parties are given the Come Dine With Me treatment as couples have to host the perfect night. In Bournemouth, the first hosts are couple of 20 years Nikki and Steve. In Devon, married couple Suzanne and Gary kick off the competition with a 'Britalian' menu, featuring British classics with an Italian twist. In Leeds, gigglers Gemma and Ryan kick off with a menu designed to show off their fun side. First to host from the West Midlands are free spirits Michelle and Carl, who get all Zen over their home-grown produce. In Cheltenham, perfectionist Michelle and her husband, Bryan Adams tribute singer Russell, are the first to host. On day two eyebrows are raised when baked beans are served with chives by Sue and Joyce. But can the stateside grub bag them that grand? In Nottingham, Omer and his wife Adeeba, sustainable food growers Bobby and Alison, and Liz and Stuart compete in a week featuring experimental food, a compost loo and a stately home. Can Michelle and Craig or Jo and Alex do better with their fine dining and Caribbean menus? Finally it's David and Fletch's turn to wow with the week's second Mexican extravaganza, but after last night's dip in atmosphere, the hosts have a job to pick up the pace and cement over the cracks. Joining them is Keith and his laid-back wife Maz, and foodies Dan and Les. In Bromley, Ryan and Julie's food fails to wow, with one guest comparing the main to vomit! Genres. Competitive dining gets personal as each pair have to work together to score the highest marks and take home the cash prize. But will it be a carb overload for guests Alex and Vinnie, and Andrea and Wayne? Toots and Jamie have been married for more than 20 years. Karl and Mukta serve an Indian menu, while Karl reveals a love for birds and one of the party's past as a strippergram comes to light. On the final night, everyone is impressed by NHS workers Mat and Lee's menu, but behind the scenes there's plenty of drama. But Victoria and Andrew are left feeling worse for wear after a game of smoothie pong involving sprout juice, and Terri is less than pleased with the sportswear dress code. Despite a kitchen ding dong they put on a united front at the dinner table but they get a dose of their own medicine from one diner out for revenge. Guernsey and Alderney: Sophie and Turk kick off with a locally sourced menu, but Sophie gets caught out on her shop-bought ice cream. They attempt to show that despite their combative exterior they can work in harmony to put on a good night. The final day sees youngsters Lucy and Stephen risk it all with an exotic menu inspired by Lucy's travels to Asia. In Bedfordshire, Tom and Naomi kick off with a menu which, like them, is a bit posh, but the food fails to leave an impression. In Grimsby, straight-talking Mel and partner Patrick host guests seasoned ravers Vanessa and Steve, and lovebirds Amber and Ryan who raise eyebrows with their coordinated pink attire. There'll be conflict in the kitchen as the pressure piles on to serve the most delicious meal. Finally, it's the turn of Nick and Lisa who hope to use their experience with tried and tested favourites to take top spot. Last to host are computer salesman Dave and his girlfriend Sarah, who plan to focus their attention on a fun evening with good quality food. Dinner Parties are given the Come Dine With Me treatment as couples have to host the perfect night. But their 'rations' style menu goes down badly with Kev and Chelsey. Finally, it's David and Sarah's turn to impress with a menu that represents their heritage, with dishes from Russia, Armenia and a Scottish/American dessert, Lisa and Jesue begin the contest in this episode from Cambridge and Peterborough, as they compete against bickering partners Paul and Gareth, and posh millennials Georgie and Alex. And will gym bunnies Neil and Emma have a cheat day? Also vying to win are Sally and Joanne who hope to impress their guests with an unusual menu that features a Tandoori Tower and a belly-busting breakfast, before competitive duo Holly and Ollie pull out all the stops in an attempt to secure the cash. In Brighton, Dan and his partner of 16 years Pippa are hoping a menu of family favourites will bag them the grand. When Leanne can't stomach either the scallops or peas, the others are left wondering whether she'll be a handful all week. Day two sees Aaron take control in the kitchen while sous-chef River struggles to follow his strict instructions. They are joined by Michaela and Denzil, and Chloe and Adam. With desserts arriving by zip wire, an impromptu sing-off, and perhaps a little bit too much honesty, this contest is wide open. In Bournemouth, Dorset, PR company owners Jackie and Richard are first to host, putting on a classy evening with a few celebrity names thrown in for good measure. There are multiple Chrises, a royal doppelganger, nautical costumes and sea-themed games in Plymouth, as Mena and Chris take on Vicky and Chris and Sarah and Chris. Newly engaged Andrew and Sue offer up a menu of classic tried and tested dishes, Ben and prankster Ruth intrigue with breakfast-themed grub and Helen and Victoria show the others how things are done. But will fussy eaters Jess and Salv leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth? But when Chris waxes lyrical about their motorhome, their guests long for him to finish. It looks like we don't have any synopsis for this title yet. In County Antrim, newly-weds Rebecca and Gareth, Nel and Billy, and Mandy and Jim compete in a week featuring a Mexican fiesta, risky puddings and a vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables. Night two sees trainee solicitor Fareena and her husband Cahit present their tried and tested menu. This episode, from Kent, features an egg phobia, a banter battle, an impromptu proposal and a haka. Finally, it's David and Elaine's chance to show the younger members of the competition how to throw a dinner party, providing they survive their incessant bickering in the kitchen. Veda and Varun kick off with a Bollywood bash and Indian-themed menu, Rachel and Anna aim to impress with their home-cooked favourites, and Su and Dave throw a mad hatter tea party with costumes. With the hosts feeling the pressure as the 'lamb-off' reaches its conclusion, will their different takes on the meat snatch them the victory or leave them feeling sheepish? But when well-to-do Graham and wife Sarah discover they're doing exactly the same dessert, the cheesecake war is on. Three pairs of partners from Blackpool compete to win the 1,000 prize, including former dancer Rowan and businessman John, who start the proceedings. In Newcastle, Sharna and Silvar are first to host with a menu of family favourites. And country-dwellers John and Shaun try to impress with their home-grown menu. In Essex, air stewardess Penny and her partner Chris kick off the competition by serving up a homely menu to guests 'bling'-loving Tatia and husband Mick, and young duo Lewis and Krystal. This episode from East Anglia features a performance from unlikely rappers, a confusing spaghetti marrow main course, too many cooks and a fire alarm. Day two is the turn of competitive footballer Luke and his fiance Nikki who, despite having never been to the country, feel sure their Thai menu will win them the cash prize. In Belfast, Leeann doesn't enjoy Gemma and Jim's healthy food, or even her own takeaway-inspired menu. In Birmingham, Talisa and her boyfriend Luke kick off the competition with a traditional Italian menu. In Newcastle, three rival couples battle it out to host the best dinner party. Fiances Lindsay and Tara, who have been together seven years, are second to host, and some of Lindsay's jokes don't go down too well with all of the guests. Queen and Shawn kick off with a menu inspired by their Thai and West Indian heritage, Suzy and Paul cook up a fancy French feast and fun-loving Charlotte and Kevin rustle up some trendy Japanese grub. They are joined by Clayton and Nina, and Lee and Maemae. Couples Come Dine with Me - Series 2: Episode 2 | All 4 Couples Come Dine with Me Tue 28 Apr 2015: Blackpool The new series continues in Blackpool, Lancashire, where former. Completing the line-up are festival-lover Oli and his girlfriend LC. Sophie and partner Shaun are the first hosts in Hull. They perform a show-tune for their guests, but, once again, Michelle steals the limelight, as she shows she really can't stomach the dessert. In this episode from Maidenhead and Slough, first to host are construction manager Sati and his wife of 26 years, Jesse. Property developer Norman and his partner Dee kick off with an Indian menu, which proves a little too spicy for guests Brett and Vicky, and love birds Ashley and Sophie. Michelle and Cameron hope that their 23 years together, Michelle's attention to detail, and their competitive spirit will help them take the crown. Meanwhile, things start to get interesting around the table. In Durham, Steph and James plan a night of gastropub favourites, that's if they can get through the day without falling out. Day two sees beauty lovers Rob and Abi cooking up some glam cuisine, which goes down well despite Kate telling them she was only expecting chicken nuggets and turkey twizzlers. In north London, Helen and her outspoken boyfriend David, Vicky and her partner Geoff, and Sara and her husband Thierry compete in a week featuring the fashions and food of the 1980s. In an eclectic week comprising of golf-themed food, festival frolics and dog food, the jury's out on who will take home the 1000 cash prize. Where to watch. This brand new series kicks off from in and around Bristol, where first night hosts, fitness fanatics Billy and Tasha, bring a taste of the east to the west with their Thai inspired menu. On the first night in Brighton, party-loving Pete and Jason's home-made-from-scratch Italian menu impresses Debbie but not her partner Richard, although they both enjoy a rare night out together. Also vying to win are Sally and Joanne who hope to impress their guests with an unusual menu that features a Tandoori Tower and a belly-busting breakfast, before competitive duo Holly and Ollie pull out all the stops in an attempt to secure the cash. Dawn and Simon, who've been married for 27 years, and hipsters Darren and Sian find themselves to be kindred spirits. Joining them are Mel and Tony and Sarb and his wife Jasbir. Rocky Scott Air Date: February 3, 2005 tbd S1:E18. Meanwhile, things start to get interesting around the table. The new series continues in Blackpool, Lancashire, where former dancer Rowan and businessman John meet competitive Holly and Ollie, and Sally and Joanne in their matching tie-dye outfits. In Cardiff, newly-weds Laura and Sean, fine-dining-fan Lesley and Keith, and Rachel and Lee compete in a week featuring fruity surprises, posh nosh and controversial curry. They are anxious to prove that their food will be fine dining rather than the student fare anticipated by their guests. The night begins in smashing fashion with an unexpected crockery disaster. They're feeling positive, but with some members of the group more boisterous than others, will their confidence last? Three couples from Leeds compete to host the best dinner party, beginning with construction manager Martin and his wife Amanda, who are determined to win. Nena and husband Vish kick off the competition with an Indian feast, Syreeta and Romaine host a fun night with a planking competition, and Vicki and Paul hope to pocket the 1,000 prize. Finally, Ling and Mark serve a meal that represents her Chinese heritage and his English roots - a food type they like to call Chinglish. According to Lisa, Howard is so laid back he's almost dead! In Northampton, dining duo fitness instructor Pam and her boyfriend Glenn kick off with a Spanish fiesta but the food gets a grilling from guests Victoria and Delroy, and Wendy and Mark. In this episode from Stoke, quirky young lovebirds Patrick and Lizzie host their first ever dinner party with an 'eclectic' menu. Day two sees Mark and Maria kicking off with a leftovers-inspired starter, 'Chicken Lettuce Boats', while the final day's hosts are wacky duo Paul and Sarah. Finally, it's Laura and Blaine's turn to wow their guests with some classic cooking and an evening of sparkling wit and entertainment, but will Blaine's beef bourguignon be enough to top the score board? What will Jim make of Stewart's surprising hobby? Gary has a big surprise in store, but will it backfire? On day two, Kelsey and Chris hope to spice up their guests' lives with a Mexican fiesta. Day two sees an international-themed menu being served up, while a menu of hearty cuisine and obscure meats are prepared on the final night. Stewart and Lynn serve up an 'odd' menu on the final night, but is their confidence in a very unusual pudding misplaced? Or will they bring them home the grand? Blackpool and Preston 5/5: Health assistant Lisa banks on her no-faff menu to bag the cash. Hoping to inspire an atmosphere of love and sharing, the hosts are surprised by just how much their guests get on board with the theme. Ellis and Andy try to impress with an oriental theme, Jon and Chris lay on a Mediterranean menu, and Gladys and Stephen show their passion for travel with a global feast. Danielle has a hidden talent that leaves the guests gawping. In Bristol, guests are treated to a night of conversation about romantic meetings, outrageous shirts and naked gardening. Finally, it's Cleo and Nick's chance to impress with their American inspired dishes, but will their shortcuts in the kitchen go unnoticed? But bonding with multilingual lawyer Ayesha, and astrophysicist and spinet-playing Stephen, proves more difficult for some. However, Sarah's exacting standards and attention to detail have the potential to derail their day. In Manchester, Asia from Poland doesn't like lamb at all but Henry and Tom serve two different lamb dishes for their traditional British dinner, while Vinne and Tanz offer lamb three ways. Fun-loving young couple Amy and Matt kick off the competition with a chaotic performance in the kitchen. TvProfil Last to host is self-confessed perfectionist Kevin, with partner Clare. Finally, it's the turn of fancy dress enthusiasts Tony and Rebecca to host, with a dessert based on Tower Bridge and a starter resembling a rugby pitch. They are joined by foodie couple Jake and Emily, and party-lovers Chantell and Lisa. The cooking contest moves to Lincolnshire, with former soldier Scott and partner Clare kicking off the week, followed by Su and Dylan, and ending with ex-army couple Adele and Dave. In Nottingham, fun-loving couple Karen and Irena kick off the competition with a no-frills menu of belly-busting comfort food. Is it enough to win them the grand? But prank loving guests Jo and Steve take centre stage. Battling it out for the 1000 prize are the 'absolutely fabulous' Martyn and Russell, who've been together for 18 months and think their menu sparkles. In Belfast, Sarah and Paddy kick things off with a fine-dining feast. And someone's dessert almost goes up in flames! Asset manager Amie and hubby Mark got married last year, and Amie reckons she's in charge - not only of the relationship but in the kitchen too. couples come dine with me blackpool holly. In Hertfordshire, Sinead and partner Tony lay on a Gaelic feast and there's a non-stop fun factory from Tony as he attempts silly dances, silly jokes and silly accents! Anthony shocks everyone again with a revelation from his own wedding day before Steve reveals his personal 'Suarez' moment. The second night sees corporate city slickers Louise and Dan attempt to forge their way into the lead with the use of spreadsheet organization, while the third night is the domain of fun loving couple Pippa and Lee. Sophie and Harj kick off with a Mexican menu - that's if Harj can find his way around the kitchen. bnos sarah seminary,