Behind The Bar is available now: Golden Saw merch available here: to Riley Green: more from Riley Green: The Golden Saw Series:\"If It Wasn't For Trucks\" Official Music Video:\u0026list=PL3FxZnLyjSxfDKw1UNlTxkTsKpPmqHEjF\u0026index=1\"I Wish Grandpas Never Died\" Official Live Performance:\u0026list=PL3FxZnLyjSxfNkusUuRPg5GZciT4-QWW9\u0026index=2\"There Was This Girl\" Official Music Video:\u0026list=PL3FxZnLyjSxdfNzsRfqi6RQnmCdTmy4GM\u0026index=1 Follow Riley Green: #BehindTheBar #Livestream #Live In 2013, he released an eponymous EP. Similar artists to Riley Green on tour.